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To get better organic rankings of your website it is a must to check your content for plagiarism so that you can save your website for penalization. You can check plagiarism with our all SMO Plagiarism Checker Tool.

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How To Use Backlink Maker Tool?

Using Plagiarism Checker Tool is very easy but many of the users of all SMO contacted us on how to use our Plagiarism Checker Tool that is why we have provided the guide below for that.

  • To use our Plagiarism Checker Tool first of all paste your content in the box provided.
  • After that click on the "Check for Plagiarism" button.
  • This will start analyzing your content.
  • After that, you will get the results of your content for unique and plagiarised content.

What does Plagiarism mean?

Plagiarism refers to using another person's work as yours. Plagiarism can be as simple as copying text from a website and pasting it into a project. You could also take an idea from a book but not include a citation giving credit to the author. Plagiarism is a common problem, and it has become more prevalent with the advent of the Internet. It's possible to avoid plagiarism if you cite your sources correctly.

How to check content for plagiarism?

You can check for plagiarism in two ways. One is to manually check it and the other is to use an automated tool. However, plagiarism checker tools can be expensive and are not affordable for small websites or new owners.

The all SMO Optimization Tools team has developed a highly advanced automated plagiarism checking tool that is free of charge and can be used an unlimited number of times. Some users might be wondering if it is possible to check manually, then why to use a plagiarism checker tool. We have discussed this below.

Checking Content Plagiarism Manually

Many of the users might be thinking that if we can check the content for plagiarism manually then why do we need an automated tool for that. The reason is that if you are ready to check the content for plagiarism manually.

Then, you need to know that we have to check each and every sentence again and again for plagiarism and visit the websites on the web, again and again, to check whether the content is available already or not.

This takes too much time but there is another way to use an automated tool for that which we have already told you about.

Importance of all SMO Plagiarism Checker Tool

As you come to know that checking the content for plagiarism is such a difficult and time-consuming task also if anyone is ready to face these two problems that there is another problem waiting for that person.

The third problem is he will feel this work is boring and will be tired and automatically he will search for the solution for it that is why all the SMO team has already developed the automated plagiarism checker tool for this purpose only.

all SMO Plagiarism Checker tool automatically checks your content whether it is plagiarised or unique. It will also show you how much content is unique and how much is plagiarised. You will come to know which sentence is plagiarised so you can easily modify it can make it unique.

Features of all SMO Plagiarism Checker

There are unlimited benefits and advantages of the Plagiarism Checker Tool by all SMO but some of the known and important features are given below:

Checks Millions of Web Pages

all SMO Plagiarism Checker Tool automatically detects plagiarism once you have pasted the content into the plagiarism checker tool. It checks your content and compares it to millions of web pages available on the internet to find properly whether your content is unique or not.

It takes some time to analyze your content after some time it will show you results that tell you how much content is unique and how much of it is plagiarised.

Multiple Languages Supported

Some plagiarism checker tools only support English, some support Hindi and some only supports other regional languages but all SMO Plagiarism Checker Tool supports all regional, national as well as international languages on the same tool.

In simple words, the languages that are supported by Google are also supported by our all SMO plagiarism Checker Tool because it is an advanced tool.

Results in Percentage Form

As we have already told you that checking the content for plagiarism takes some time by our tool because it checks the content properly so that you can get better organic rankings.

After scanning and checking it will give you results that how much content is unique and how much is plagiarised in the percentage form so that you can decide whether to modify that content or directly you should publish.

Lifetime free of cost tool

Most organizations offer the plagiarism checker tool free of charge at first, but then they make it a paid service.

all SMO Plagiarism Checker Tool is free for life. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we don’t want our customers to feel guilty on our platform. If we are able to afford maintenance, the tool can be yours for life.

1000 Words in One Click

I know you already know many other plagiarism checker tools that allow you to only check 500 words of content in one try also those tools are not working properly.

all SMO Plagiarism Tool allows you to quickly and easily check for plagiarism it means that 1000 words in one click. Yes, you heard it right now you can check your lengthy content in one click only.

100% Safe and Secure

Some plagiarism checker tools save your content when you paste your content in the box they provided for checking plagiarism and use your content firstly before you publish.

It means that the content that they have used is yours in real but Google and other search engines will consider the content that they have published and will penalize you. The reason is that because they have used your content firstly before you published it.

But, we guarantee you that the content for which you are checking plagiarism will not be saved and will be 100% safe.