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Encrypt your code from being copied by anyone without your permission.

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How To Use all SMO Javascript Obfuscator Tool?

It is very easy to use all SMO Javascript Obfuscator Tool but many of the users might face problems while using it that is why we have provided a step-by-step guide of using the Javascript Obfuscator Tool. If you are also facing the problem then you can follow the below guide:

  • First of all paste, your code in the "Your Code" box provided.
  • Then select your code is in "Javascript" or "HTML"
  • Then enter the "Expiration Time"
  • At last enter, the "Domain Names" to which you want to allow access to copying.
  • Finally, click on the "Obfuscate Now" button and your code will be obfuscated.

What is Javascript Obfuscator Tool?

Javascript Obfuscator tool helps website owners protect their code and content from being copied. They can reuse their content, which website owners have invested a lot of time and money into.

This tool, all SMO Javascript Obfuscator Tools, was created for this purpose. It makes your code difficult to read, so anyone can't see it. It reduces your Javascript code, which is invisible to everyone. This means that there is less than a 1% chance they will copy it.

all SMO Javascript Obfuscator Tool can also be called Javascript minified, javascript compressor.

Features of all SMO Javascript Obfuscator

If you are a website owner or developer then you must know that if anyone copies your code then how many disadvantages it has. Some of the benefits are given below you can check that.

Minifying Javascript

The all SMO Javascript Obfuscator tool will convert or minify your code into a form that is very difficult to understand or read. This reduces the chances that your code will be copied and reused.

Particular IP or Domain Unlock

all SMO Javascript Obfuscator Tool allows you to set specific IPs and domains that will allow you to copy code and content. This advanced feature is not available in any Javascript Obfuscator tool. But. we are providing it so that the website owners might not face problems if they need to copy anything.

Best JS Obfuscator Tool In Market

all SMO Javascript Obfuscator Tool has been a leader in JS Obfuscator Tool and works well as compared with other advanced JS Obfuscator Tool. Even advanced JS Obfuscator tool features don't have the same features as all SMO Javascript Obfuscator.

100% Safe and Secure

all SMO Javascript Obfuscator Tool doesn't break your code. It just compresses your code or hides it from other than dedicated IPs or Domains unlocks it so you can use it because it's safe and secure.