Get your Instagram numeric User ID easy and fast from any username by entering the username in the input text field and clicking the button. There is no need to login and it's totally free. The only thing required is the Instagram username.

How To Know Your Instagram Username via Instagram APP?

Follow the steps to find the right Instagram post url via mobile or desktop.

Via the mobile Instagram app:

1. Open your Instagram application.
2. Go to your profile page by clicking your profile picture in the right upper corner.
3. Your Instagram username is in the middle of the top bar.
4. Copy Username.
5. Paste the url inside our text field above.

Make sure you use the username and not the name of the account. The username is always with lowercase letters without any spaces in between.

What Is Instagram User Id?

This unique id of your Instagram account you can do varies works by getting this User ID.

What Is The Use Of Instagram User Id?

1. The Instagram user id is used for sharing some data from Instagram. For example: When you want to display your Instagram feed on your Website, then this Instagram user id will help you.
2. This User id to use automation tools
3. Get API data.

Any problems or issues with getting the URL? Create a Support Ticket!

Looup Your Instagram User ID.

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If Any Phase Issues ?

Please Enter a valid Instagram username or URL and Press Search button.
If you do not get your Instagram all hidden details then check your Instagram username and match to your account. here only accept Instagram username so please enter the only username.
If you find any BUG then please contact to admin via Create a Support Ticket!".
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