Instagram is the most used social media posting photos platform than any other social media platform. Even it is at an upper level, then Snapchat also. Instagram allows us the feature of commenting on other's posts that how we want to react to one's posts or photos. And commenting on the girl's pictures and become very common nowadays. All of the teenaged boys try to be friends with the girls and talk with them in the comments only because in D.M.s, usually, girls don't reply.

Before commenting on the girl's photos, they want to know how to make the right comment on their pictures so that the interaction level increases and the girl likes the word very much. We will show you some best comments that you can make on the girl's photos to increase your interaction with the girl. Not only on the girl's pictures, but we will also provide you comments that you can do on your bestie, friends, or relative's posts.

Best Instagram Comments For Girls Photos

1. If beauty was a crime, you were the first to be arrested.
2. My eyeballs fall on the floor when I say your this picture. It is just amazing.
3. This photo is a symbol of beauty.
4. I am sure you're the most beautiful girl alive on the earth.
5. My world lies in you, dear.
6. Without you, the world is nothing for me.
7. Your picture is the definition of beauty.
8. Your picture is just outstanding going to get its copy and hall on the wall.
9. The sun, stars, and moon have learned to bright like you.
10. You are graceful
11. This is the best of all the photos on Instagram.
12. You're an incredibly stunning beautiful girl.
13. You look great in every outfit.
14. Mesmerizing word lies in you.
15. I want to see how much beautiful you look when you sleep.
16. You are so much lovely.
17. I love your curly hair.
18. Your dressing sense is appreciable.
19. I have never seen the sweetest girl as you are.
20. Your hairs are beautiful in every position.
21. Please don't post more photos. Your beauty kills me.
22. Just a word WOW for your natural beauty.
23. Cute word lies in you.
24. I live by seeing your pictures only.
25. Adorable word lies in you.
26. Without makeup, also you look more pretty.
27. I feel so happy when I see your picture.
28. You are the place where I feel safe.
29. All dresses you wore are beautiful, but you are more beautiful than that.
30. I Don't think you need makeup.
31. A stunning word lies in you.
32. I can't believe that a girl can have this much natural beauty.
33. Your eyes were bright like the sparklings.
34. Your smile is just amazing.
35. You had a great fashion sense.
36. I loved your hair too much.
37. The photo itself speaks I can handle her beauty.
38. You look stunning.
39. You're classy.
40. You're very trendy.
41. This picture is astounding.

Best Instagram Comments on Bestie (Best Friend) Photo

1. IF any picture deserves a YES QUEEN, then this the first one[raised hands emoji]
2. I am just planning to send this picture to NASA because you are a star.
3. Please don't force me to steal your wardrobe.
4. What are the charges for tuition tips for a shootout?
5. My best friend is a model. If you know any of my best friends are you do.
6. This picture doesn't look that it is taken with a phone camera.
7. "Woman crush every day."
8. [heart emoji] I think the likes you got are decreased due to any technical issue because this picture wants more likes.

These were some of the best comments that you can do on Instagram on your Bestie (Best Friend) pictures or Girls Pictures. If you loved this then please share our website with your family and friends because we know sharing is caring.

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